Online Trainings are ondemand self paced learning modules designed by experts in the industry.
Professionals can leverage our online courses, books, videos associated with training at any time and any place. Many use online trainings to supplement their trainings what they learn in classroom.

Online Trainings used alone can be a cost-effective way to understand introductory concepts in technology to get people ―on the same page quickly and efficiently. The value of this learning is real and could stop there, but when used as a prelude to instructor-led training, provides a foundation for the next level of development. This same program or course can precede instructor-led sessions, allowing class time to be spent on more advanced concepts where face-to-face discussion is critical.

If you have the basic understanding on the subject, you would often see the trainings also work out cheaper since the trainer saves time on providing the foundation that is so often required prior to any trainings. So Enroll for an Online Self Learning course and save cost by enrolling directly for a shorter duration course.

Online Training / Virtual Classroom Trainings

What is the difference between Online Training and Virtual Classroom Trainings?
Virtual Classroom Sessions are Instructor Led trainings where learner is scheduled to attend “live” interactive session using collaboration tool.

“An Online Training Course is when the learner takes the course independently at his/her own pace. The courseware is available online and an instructor may be available for questions via email or other electronic communication. The courseware can be anything from interactive animations to previously recorded sessions.”

Benifits of Online Tranings
  • Learn at your own pace, any place
  • Access to online content for months
  • Email support on course material with our trainers
I love the different ways that learning is put before the learner. We’re dealing with different skill sets in the new generation-and they’re not as classroom based. We need to have blend of the two to reach all the employees effectively.
Stephanie Scott,
Organization Development & Learning Coordinator, Georgia Southern University