Corporate Consulting & Training’s on Agile

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We help businesses in Agile Adoption through customized training solutions.

Implementing Agile on Programs across software, hardware and non-technical capabilities required much more than just managing projects using simpler Agile methodologies such as Scrum. Organisations need to take a quantum leap to address the complex challenges of developing software, systems and even systems of systems and SAFe 4.0 for Lean Software and Systems Engineering provides the answer.

We have SAFe 4.0 Program consultants who would help organisations in -

  • Scaling Agile at Enterprise level
  • Build Processes for enterprise wide Agile adoption
  • Coach & Train teams in scaling Agile
  • Deliver positive and tangible results on scaling Agile
The most common areas of training’s include:
  • Technical training’s using high-end video/animation based simulations tools.
  • Soft skills training’s such as employee induction and orientation, skills development, and performance management
  • Just-in-time training using rapid development tools

How we do it

Each company has different training goals and requirements. We work in collaboration with you to understand challenges and objectives from a training programme. Based on the due-diligence done, we develop the training content and identify the right expert to deliver it.

Why Us?

Certified Trainers with rich industry experience as faculty
Partner with clients to understand training goals and vision to provide the best training solution
Holistic approach towards training by designing programmes that are aligned to your strategic goals
Customized training material, case studies and employee assessment related to your industry and company

Programmes Offered:

Agile Development :

Scrum Workshops, Scaling Agile using SAFe 4.0 Frameworks, Implementing Agile Tools such as Jira & Rally.

Test Consultation:

Implementing Atlassian JIRA for bug tracking, Selenium Webdriver for Test Automation.