Jira Bootcamp

Atlassian’s Jira is a powerful tool used by teams to plan and track their work. The Jira Bootcamp course is aimed at both individuals who have never used Jira before, as well as those who have been using Jira but would like to understand how to use Jira effectively and optimally. In this Jira course, we take you through the very basics and explain how concepts hang together to increase your understanding of Jira and the way in which you can use it.

The Jira Bootcamp course is aimed at using Jira Software for Issue and Tickets tracking used in managing IT projects. The focus of this will be specifically to understand Jira from administrative purposes in order to use it for bug/defect tracking and build test cases using Zephyr add-ins.

Jira Bootcamp builds a strong foundation for the other trainings we undertake such as Jira for Agile Scrum and Jira for Scaled Agile.
Who is this course for?
  • Project managers, Scrum Masters, Agile PMs, Agile Coach.
  • Product Managers, Product Owners & Business Analysts
  • Test leads, QA managers, Software testers – entry level as well as experienced professionals
  • Project administrators, JIRA admins, system admins
  • Development leads and Developers
  • No previous Atlassian JIRA experience is required

What is required?

PC / Laptop (Mac/Windows/Linux)
Chrome Latest version installed
If you want to use a corporate instance of Jira you will need remote access connectivity

Key Highlights

  • 5 days, 3-4 hours per day, small class sizes
  • Build your own working system populated with real data
  • Hands-on format: 1/3 lecture, 2/3 in-depth coaching
  • Learn how to make your workflows effective

Course Outline

  • Getting Started
  • Establish a JIRA instance
    • Your working instance or 30 day trial from Atlassian
    • If you want to use a corporate instance you will need remote access
  • Current Navigation Basics
  • JIRA Overview
  • System Administration
    • User (Creation, Google, Groups, Application Access, Roles, External, Ownership and Sharing)
    • Project Creation (Checklist, Categories, Visibility, Roles, Notifications, Security)
    • Advanced Features (Imports, Backups, Integrations)
  • JIRA Project Management
    • Defining a Project
    • Managing Project Role Membership
    • Defining a Component
    • Managing Versions
  • JIRA User Management Configuring work flows
    • Managing Users
    • Managing Groups
    • Managing Project Roles
    • Migrating User Groups to Project Roles
  • Setting accesses and permissions
  • Setting email and other notifications
  • JIRA Workflow Administration
    • Basic workflow concepts
    • Example workflows in real life
    • JIRA default workflow
    • Issue resolution
    • Capturing and presenting your Data
    • Custom fields
    • Mandatory fields
    • Configuring workflows
    • Transitions, conditions and post functions
    • Step by step workflow configuration example
  • Issues
    • Types and Sub-Tasks
    • Fields (Visibility, Custom Fields, Types, Uses)
    • Filters (Creation, Sharing, JQL)
    • Workflows (Status, Transitions, Conditions, Validators, Post Functions, Design)
    • Screens (Organization, Display, Custom Fields)
    • Resolutions
    • Versions
  • Visualization
    • Workflows
    • Dashboards
    • Wallboards