Jira Agile for Scrum Projects

This course covers using JIRA Agile as a tool to support the delivery of Agile projects. The focus of this course will be the actual use of JIRA based on the Agile roles of Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Team Leader. This course also will review how JIRA supports the Agile techniques for Backlog Management, Sprint Management, Sprint Burndown charts, and more.
Who is this course for?
  • Project managers, Scrum Masters, Agile PMs, Agile Coach.
  • Product Managers, Product Owners & Business Analysts
  • Test leads, QA managers, Software testers – entry level as well as experienced professionals
  • Project administrators, JIRA admins, system admins
  • Development leads and Developers
  • No previous Atlassian JIRA experience is required

What is required?

PC / Laptop (Mac/Windows/Linux)
Chrome Latest version installed
If you want to use a corporate instance of Jira you will need remote access connectivity

Key Highlights

  • 3 days, 3-4 hours per day, small class sizes
  • Build your own working system populated with real data
  • Hands-on format: 1/3 lecture, 2/3 in-depth coaching
  • Learn how to make your workflows effective

Course Outline

  • Scrum basics

    Walk-through on the basics of the Scrum framework (not focused on Jira).
    The key Agile principles to set the stage for showing how JIRA will be used to support Agile delivery.
    High-level definition for Iterative Development, Sprints/Velocity, Daily Standup Meetings, Product Backlog/Prioritization, Burndown Charts, Stories/Roadmaps/Grooming, Review/Retrospectives, and Architecture.

  • Jira & Jira Agile

    An Overview of what JIRA Agile is, how it is licensed and distributed by Atlassian, and more importantly, it reviews options for you to get access to a trial or demo version of JIRA — enabling you to follow along with the examples provided throughout this course and get hands-on experience using JIRA Agile.

  • Jira Agile & Scrum
    • Basic agile concepts
    • How to set up and Agile Project in Jira
    • How to create Agile Stories (Epics)/issues
    • How to create backlogs
    • Configuring a Scrum board
    • Creating & working with Sprints
    • How to prioritize backlog and Sprint planning
  • Kanban basics

    Walk-through on the basics of Kanban as an agile tool (not focused on Jira)

  • Jira Agile & Kanban

    Creating & configuring a Kanban board
    WIP Limits & transitioning issues
    Using Kanban reports