DevOps Foundations

DevOps Foundation Certification
Live Online Training
  • Get Certified in DevOps from DevOps Institute
  • Understand DevOps core concepts
  • Gain Understanding on DevOps Principles and Practices
  • Know the key Practices supporting DevOps
  • DURATION : 16Hrs Online Interactive Learning
    Minimum of 1-2 Years IT Experience

    * Accredited Trainer for DevOps Foundations
    * Instructors are certified DevOps Architects
    * Demo of CI/CD Pipeline and Automation


    • 16+ Hours Live Session
    • Sample Papers before exam
    • 100% Pass Rate
    • Case Study based Discussions
    • Certified DevOps Instrutors
    • Full Support to book exam
    • CheatSheets to assist in exam prep
    • Post Training Support

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    • DevOps Foundations
      What is DevOps Foundation Certification about?

      DevOps Foundation is a freestanding certification from the DevOps Institute.
      The purpose of this course and its associated exam is to impart, test and validate knowledge of
      DevOps basic vocabulary, principles and practices.

      DevOps Foundation is intended to provide individuals an understanding of basic DevOps concepts and how DevOps
      may be used to improve communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations professionals.

      This is a 16Hrs Live Online or 2 days Classroom Training specifically designed for individuals and corporates
      to gain a complete understanding of DevOps adoption the right way.

      The DevOps Foundation examination is accredited, managed and administered under the strict
      protocols and standards of the DevOps Institute’s strategic examination partner PEOPLECERT

      What will i Learn ?

    • Purpose, objectives and business value of DevOps
    • Emerging DevOps Practices such as continuous delivery and continuous integration
    • The relationship between relevant frameworks and standards and DevOps
    • The Deployment Pipeline, DevOps toolchains and other automation considerations
    • Responsibilities of key roles and considerations relative to organizational structure
    • Getting started ‐ adoption challenges, risks, critical success factors and key performance measures
    • Who Should Attend

    • IT Managers, Developers, Testers, System Architects
    • Sys-Admins, DBAs, Data Architects, Business Analysts
    • Network Engineers, Data Analysts
    • What are the Pre-Requisites

    • 1-2 Years of working experience on IT projects if planning to implement
    • Good Management experience if planning to Strategize DevOps in organisation
    • About the Exam

    • Successfully passing (65%) the 60-minute examination, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions, leads to the DevOps Foundation Certificate.
    • The certification is governed and maintained by the DevOps Institute.
    • Course Agenda

      Module: Introduction to DevOps

        • What is DevOps and Why do we need DevOps
        • Understand CALMS Model of DevOps
        • Golden circle
        • DevOps and IT Performance
        • DevOps and Automation

      Module: DevOps Model

        ○ Culture
        ○ Automation
        o Lean
        ○ Measurement
        ○ Sharing

      Module: DevOps Principles

        o Flow : Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment
        o Feedback
        o Continuous Experimentation and Learning

      • Demo
        Demo on CI/CD Pipeline with Git, Jenkins, Maven and Ansible shown on AWS Cloud.

      Module: DevOps Practices

        o Agile Methodologies
        o ITSM
        o IT Service Management
        o Change Management
        o Problem Management
        o Incident MANAGEMENT
        o Release MANAGEMENT

        o Lean
        o Principles of Lean Thinking
        o Understanding 3 Ms
        o DevOps and Lean

      Module:Culture & Automation

        o Managing Cultural Change
        o DevOps Teams
        o Promoting Collaboration
        o Communication
        o Automation with Virtualization and containers
        o DevOps toolchains

      Module: Measurements & Sharing

        o Metrics to measure Agile, ITSM, lean
        o Identifying Wastes
        o KANBAN
        o ChatOps
        o Sharing Culture