AWS Developer Certification

AWS Developer Associate Certification
Live Online Training
  • Become a Pro in Cloud Architecture
  • Work with AWS SDKs for Python, Nodejs OR .Net
  • Learn AWS integrations with IDE for Developer
  • Best Practices and Use Cases for becoming a Cloud Developer
  • DURATION : 24Hrs Online Interactive Learning
    Basic Linux and Unix Skills
    Minimum of 1-2 Years IT Experience
    Knowledge of either Python or Nodejs using any IDE

    * Complete Hands-On with 80% Labs
    * Instructors are certified AWS Architect/professionals
    * CheatSheets and 200+ quiz samples for passing exam
    * Life-time access to Recorded sessions

    • 20+ Hours Live Labs
    • 2 Latest Sample Papers
    • 20+ Labs to master AWS
    • 10+ Industry Case Studies
    • Training by Certified AWS Architects
    • Full Support to book exam
    • CheatSheets to assist in exam prep
    • Lifetime Access to recorded sessions

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    • AWS-Developer-Associate-TechTutorr
      AWS Developer Associate

      As businesses are moving toward cloud platforms, cloud based web sites and apps are the future of information technology.
      The focus of AWS Developer Associate Certification training is to assist learners and professionals in leveraging the immense opportunities of cloud computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS) by becoming proficient in cloud development.

      AWS Certified Developer-Associate Examination (DVA-001) is intended for individuals who perform a Developer role.

      This course will prepare you for everything you need to learn while gaining practical experience mandated to set up and host your own applications on cloud based platforms.
      You will benefit from the knowledge of the core services as well as gain deep understanding of the cloud concepts

      By the end of this course, you master the concepts such as essentials of cloud computing that includes Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Private Clouds and Cloud programming.

      What will i learn ?

    • To Design highly available/fault tolerant systems
    • Using Boto3 (Python) and .Net SDKs for Development
    • Implement AWS Services with APIs
    • Work with Various Storage and Database Services as Developer
    • Effectively use Code Commit, Code Build, Code Deploy services
    • Build a pipeline for DevOps projects
    • Target Audience:

      IT Managers, Developers, Testers, System Architects,

      Sys-Admins, DBAs, Data Architects, Business Analysts,

      Network Engineers, Data Analysts

      Course Content

      Module: Cloud Fundamentals

        - What is Cloud Computing
        - AWS Fundamentals
        - AWS Platform and Services
        - AWS Infrastructure, Regions,
        – AWS EdgeLocations & AvailabilityZones
        - Setup required for our labs


        – IAM Principles
        – Creating Roles, Users required for our Labs
        – Access Keys & Secret Keys
        – Security & Policies
        – Working with Tokens (STS)


        – Launching EC2 Instances
        - EBS Volumes & Types
        - Creating AMIs
        - EBS Snapshots & AMIs

      • Labs
        – Configure AWS CLI (powershell or bash) to launch EC2 Instance
        – Launch EC2 Instance using SDKs (boto3 or .net)
        – Working with Ad-hoc commands on CLI

      Module: NETWORKING

        – Virtual Private Cloud Overview
        – Understand Subnets and RouteTables
        – Internet Gateways, NAT G/w and Bastions
        – VPC Peering, EIPs, ENIs
        – Direct Connect and VPNs

      • Labs

        – Create your own VPC and launch instances in your VPC
        – Create Bastion Hosts and Security with RouteTables
        – Create NAT Gateway & connect private instances


        - S3 Basic and Advanced Features
        - Versioning,CORS and Replication
        - Multipart Upload, LifeCycle Policies
        - AWS Glacier, Archives, Vaults
        - AWS Cloud Front (CDN)

      • Labs
        Lab 1: Create your own S3 Bucket and
        use of bucket policies and ACLs
        Lab 2: Using Boto3 or .Net SDK to create Buckets/objects
        Lab 3: Cross Region Replication and Lifecycle policies


        - AWS RDS Overview
        - Read Replica and Snapshots
        - Multi-AZ Deployment in RDS
        - DynamoDb Overview
        - Throughput model of Dynamodb
        - LSI and GSI Concepts
        - Conditional Writes, Idempotency and Atomic Counters
        - Errors and various Limits in DynamoDB

      • Labs
        Lab 1: Creating an RDS instance, creating snapshots and
        read replicas and launching new instance
        Lab 2 – DynamoDb table creation and working with Queries using SDK

      Module: DEPLOYMENT

        · Infrastructure as Code using Cloud Formation
        · Cloud formation – Create a new stack
        · Create and deploy sample template in JSON format
        · Lamba Deployment and Provisioning
        · AWS ElasticBeanStalk Overview

      • Labs
        Lab 1: CloudFormation templates to build VPC and Application Stack
        Lab 2: Working with EBS to build a LAMP Stack
        Lab 3: Configuring with OpsWorks”

      Module: MONITORING

        • CloudWatch Introduction
        • EC2 Status Troubleshooting
        • Monitoring EC2 With Custom Metrics
        • Monitoring EBS, RDS, ELBs, Elasticache
        • Centralized Monitoring Servers
        • Cost optimization

      • Labs
        Lab 1: EC2 Monitoring (Detailed and Standard) using Cloudwatch Metrics.
        Lab 2: Creating a customer metric in cloudwatch
        Lab 3: Creating Billing Alerts and Resource management

      Module: API GATEWAYS

        – Api Gateway Essentials
        – Gateway deployment and various stages
        – Gateway Throtting, Caching
        – Gateway errors
        – Monitoring API Gateways
        – Step Function Types and transitions

      • Labs
        Lab: API Gateway basic lab demo


        - AWS Code Commit
        - AWS Code Build
        - AWS Code Deploy
        - AWS Code Pipeline
        - AWS Code Star
        - X-Ray

      • Labs
        Lab: Building a Pipeline with Code Deploy and Pipeline demo